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In view of the many small and middlesize enterprises in parts of Taiwan continue to create new vitality tostrengthen the international competitiveness of Taiwan's industry, theExecutive Yuan reference German economic development process, to approved"Backbone companies jumping plan" in Oct, 2012, the main purpose isto train in specific areas of critical or unique technology, to continue thefocus on this sector and the international competitiveness of the backboneenterprises. Government expected this plan to create more investment andemployment opportunities, and be the foundation for economic stability andsustainable development of the country.


Toreference Germany definition and consider the characteristics ofindustrial development in Taiwan, the backbone enterprise is defined asfollows: a proper scale, a solid technology foundation, and has unique andcritical technology, a highly competitive international market in a particulararea. Taiwan is the main production base of operations or business, to developunique technology, innovation, brands and other international competitiveness,we call "the backbone enterprise."



The 3rd excellence backbone enterpriseand potential backbone enterprise selection start to accept the applicationsince June of 2014. The review process is divided into three procedures forqualification, substantive examination and final review. For substantiveexamination need to review in written reports and meetings review and convenerfinal discussion meeting. Total of 162 applicants, and selected 81 enterprisesat the first stage, then selected 64 potential backbone enterprises. WinWayTechnology Co. Ltd. Is honored to get this selection be the potential backboneenterprise. WinWay Technology will continue to strengthen its capacity tobecome a excellence world-class enterprise.

WinWay Tech. won the Honorable Mention of the Environmental Greenification.
"National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises" was set up in 1992, through the joint efforts of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, R.O.C., representing the government and private sectors respectively. With the purpose of encouraging the upgrade and development of small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, the award is granted to significant small and medium businesses with sound management, outstanding performance according to various management criteria, as well as sustainable contribution to the society. The National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises was seen as the Academy Awards (Oscars) for small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, representing the highest honor of the industries.

"The Rising Star Award" is a high honor for the small and medium enterprises that are excellent at export trade. The small and medium enterprises are nominated by government organizations, social organizations, financial institutions, academic research institutions, credit reference organizations, or the Small and Medium Enterprise Joint Guidance organizations; and then the judging committee (consisting of members with professional business and commercial expertise) review the enterprises’ written documentation, visit the enterprises' business premises and then make their final selection according to the actual company export record, international competitiveness, operations and management, the uniqueness of the enterprise, and a financial evaluation. The award-winning enterprises are the ones that stand out among the large number of nominations, thus they receive an award only after some tough competition.

To provide best support to customers, we will expend and move factory to No. 68, Chuangyi S. Rd., Second District of Nanzih Export Processing Zone, Nanzih Dist., Kaohsiung City 81156,Taiwan (R.O.C.) on November 2012
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