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Total solution of semiconducting test service

Package Test

Coaxial Socket

Delicate coaxial design for high speed test requirement (up to 112Gbps) and mixed signal applications (RF and Digital), Brownie coaxial socket is applicable from engineering characterization to mass production with pitch range from P1.0 to P0.35mm. The advantage of impedance control and negligible signal crosstalk are the features of coaxial socket design.

Wafer Test

Vertical Probe Card

Sophisticated with precision MEMS process on the fine pitch probe manufacturing is established for next generation probing requirement, while various probe alloys are verified for special conditions with minimum pitch 80um. We are devoted to developing the cost-effective and performance oriented vertical probe solution.

Thermal Control System


ATC is an active thermal unit to control the IC’s testing temperature by using long life thermoelectric chip with circulating fluid as cooling medium.




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